British Politicians Could be Getting Official iPads

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By Maura on Mar 27, 2012 at 7:38 AM
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    The BBC reports today that the Commons Administration Committee in the UK is planning to look into whether or not all Members of Parliament (MPs) in the British Parliament should be issued with their own iPad (or other tablet). Apparently the committee has recommended that providing an iPad for each MP will save the taxpayer money in the long run, as well as making it easier for MPs to get their work done, and also saving on paper costs. The BBC says that at present, each MP is given three desktop computers and two laptops to use in their office. According to the report, 70 MPs have already taken the initiative to get their own iPads on expenses. If the committee does decide to go ahead with the rollout of tablets to all MPs, it’s most likely that the chosen tablet will be the iPad, as the BBC quotes the administration committee as saying that while “other devices were in the market… the iPad was ahead of the field with regard to functionality.â€

    Source: BBC News - Commons authorities to rule on iPads for all MPs
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Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 27, 2012.

    1. MattIM
      School Children In East Allen County, Indiana Are Also Getting

      the iPad to use for their school work. Eventually this will replace children's textbooks. Teachers will receive their iPads by the end of this school year to prepare for the children of East Allen County Schools, Indiana reception of their new iPad in the Fall start of school. Exciting Technological Times!:thumbs:
    2. Florian
      Do they deserve them?
    3. Florian
      That's the politicians.....methinks lots of angry birds....
    4. evohicks
      Yeah if they pay for them! I paid for mine after paying disgusting amounts of tax per week for these louts to abuse the money, why not ask them to actually pay for once, they might look after it.

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