books on ipad and apps on ipad not shwing any more in Itunes

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    My books and apps on my Ipad no longer show in the itunes screens when I connect to my pc. They used to, if I look at the apps on the itunes apps page the screen shots show the aps that are on my Ipad but they are not there on the left in the apps list . I see the sync book tab is not checked but I am frightened to do that as I think this will wipe the books from my ipad.

    what stared this was that I have deleted some pdf docs off the ipad but they were still showing along with all the other book items on the itunes books screen and I was looking for how to erease then from there as well, I have no idea what I did to cause this. I have tried restoring the pc to earlier time no help, I unistalled and restall itunes no help, I did a restore to the ipad no help.

    it is obvious that the back up wherever it is stored is correct as the Ipad after the restore is still the same but as I say itunes on my windows pc does not see aps or any books or pdfs at all.
    amy ideas any one ??

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