Blue Tooth Jambox speaker arrived yesterday . . .

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    Quick review for anyone contemplating this BT speaker accessory since it carries such a high list price . . . (well maybe not that quick)
    List's for $199 at Bestbuy, $180 at Amazon, but I bought mine on Ebay as a "buy it now" so no bidding.

    I actually bought two of them, bought another one the day my Black one arrived as a gift for my Brother who I knew wanted a Red one. I paid $146 with free 3 day proirity shipping. It actually came in 3 days too from a seller in Utah shipped to NY.
    I paid $136 for the red one with $4.95 3 day USPS priority shipping from another vendor becasue the first guy only could get black ones. You need to scroll through the 3 pages for cheaper buy it now items.

    Read the customer user reviews on Amazon. There are like 230 reviews and they average 4 out of 5 stars (most only give it 4 stars cause of the expensive price).

    Tip: only buy from sellers that have 100% feedback ratings. The 2nd vendor I used for the red one had 99.6 feedback. Anything below 99% and you are setting yourself up for a disappointing experience (ask me how I know this).

    Also, playing it out of the box is disappointing (old software on it) as soon as you get it you need to go to the Jambox website and download the software updater with a laptop. The latest software is V2.2 and this adds their "live audio" feature. Then when you sync it once with your laptop you are good to go. Live Audio is turned on by holding the top plus and minus volume buttons down and then the sound is like night and day over the last software version. The separation of this little speaker with some songs is amazing. Note: when in live audio mode max volume level is lower. Better separation though. You need to turn live audio off for max volume.

    You don't need to buy "two" speakers. I don't think the iPad2 can pair with two at the same time anyway. There are already two speakers inside the Jambox and it fires out of the back too.

    With Ebay anything less than perfect feedback rating and you might get stuck with a refurb or a Chinese knockoff or an opened box. Make sure the item says "new" and unopened.

    I was going to wait until they dropped to like $99 which would be a fair price. $199 is way out there for most of us. But this would be like waiting for the iPad 2 to drop to $399! When something is good and in high demand the prices stay up there until another model comes out.

    The sound: Amazing! Great base from a speaker this small. Weighs only 12 ounces. There is a competeing product called Foxl. But it's the same speakers inside. I read a Rocket Scientist designed the Foxl's and the same insides are licensed to the Jambox. The Foxl's are actually a little smaller, are in an all metal enclosure, which had a flip out foot. They have to enclose a rubber mat to place it on so it does not walk on the table from the base tones.

    The Jambox is a much better design as both the top and bottom are rubber. This BT speaker can also be used as a wireless speaker phone (another reason to tell the Wife why you are spending so much money on the device haha)

    Works beautifully when I pair it with my Droid too. Works with any BT device, laptop etc. Can be used in the car too sitting on dash.
    disclaimer: but probably not a good idea on dash cause if you got in an accident it could fly off an kill you if it was not attached.

    As we get closer to xmas I'm sure the prices will rise again on Ebay as the demand rises. You can usually Google and find the black one for like $159 but the other colors are usually at least $180.

    * I have no connection with any of the companies I mentioned above. I'm posting this cause if you are thinking of buying one, my hands on review is without the advertising hype. This little speaker is really worth the money, especially if you can get one like I did for $136-146. If you don't like it you can probably sell it on CL for like $175 before Xmas.
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    I have two Jamboxes and really like them out of the box. I doubt I'll upgrade the software, unless they stop working, because they sound great to me now.

    I've been using one to play audiobooks while I shower. I have a Jambox on the bathroom counter and leave my iPhone or iPad outside the bathroom, to avoid the humidity.

    The Jamboxes are easy to pair and unpair, with good battery life and interface, on top of offering great sound in a sleek, compact form. I especially like that you can feel by the shape of the volume buttons which is plus and minus.

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