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    I work for a leading care provider. We have many service users all with their own individual files. These files contain personal information (client bio), correspondence from multiple source, care diaries detailing day to day care, the list is pretty long but hopefully you get the general idea.
    As the world world is changing massively in the tech world, paper files and endless piles of printed correspondence is becoming unnecessary so we are gong to become as paperless as possible.
    I think the best idea is to have one NAS drive that is solely dedicated to service user info each have a folder on the drive and then having a document manager app that would access the drive while in the office, download necessary documents for out of office meetings etc and just to quickly view items rather than trawl through a bulky paper folder.

    What ever we use would need to be secure, user friendly and fast. We have around 6 iPads (4th gen) so would all need to be able access simultaneously.
    Any ideas better than mine would be welcomed or tips on best file manager apps.

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