Best puzzle game on the iPad - Gravity Maze

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    Hi there,

    We are happy to introduce you very atmospheric and innovative physic's base puzzler. You take control of the world gravity in the game and by rotating your iPad you have to help group of cute fluffs escape from evil maze.

    Try free version and see if you like it.

    iTunes Free version: LINK



    Here are some customer reviews so far:


    by xxxThe first eye on the screenshot reminds me of Contre Jour, but Gravity Maze is totally a different kind of game. Gravity Maze is a physics game which needs you to tilt your iPhone to help these black fluffs to escape the maze. Although it is in black and white, the graphics looks beautiful. The music and sound effect sounds perfect for the game. There are 45 levels so far, looking forward to more levels in future updates. Highly recommended.

    Lucida Grande xxxx


    by xxxExcellent graphics. Tilt your way to get the Fluffs to the goal! Nice
    gravity effects and sound effects as well. Try for free for the first 6


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