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    Apr 12, 2011
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    Hi! I am loving my iPad 2, and with my birthday coming up, imwas trying to find any "must" have accessories...I am traveling to London,England this summer with my daughters soccer team, and I only want to bring my iPad! I am going to need to upload photos while I am there...I am wondering whether the camera kit or something like the air stash is better...also, is a charging dock useful, would the average person get their use out of it... I already have a great leather case and the smart cover, are there any other accessories that would be great...thanks :)
  2. DontUnderstandMyIpad

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    Jan 22, 2011
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    The air stash is not advisable for travels, as the iPad and air stash need to be on the same wireless network, if you want to access the files. So unless you also bring a wifi router along, will this setup not work, as it is not possible to create just a wifi between iPad and air stash.

    Otherwise, does it really depend on your usage. The camera connection kit is a must though, to upload photos from your camera.
    Perhaps you may also want a physical keyboard, either a USB one connected to the camera kit, a Bluetooth one, or even the Zaggmate.
  3. Wolfpuppies3

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    Aug 9, 2010
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    Concur, gotta have the camera kit

    may want to look at the Adobe Photoshop Express app as well. You need to know that the camera kit will only work with SD cards so, if you use CF cards you will have a problem.

    I have had both the Apple blue tooth keyboard and the Zagg. Zagg is too small and difficult to use. Apple works fine but unless you are writing chapters of your new book, I would not lug it on the trip. Truthfully, I use mine daily with my MacBook Pro and 27" monitor and never use it with the iPad. For email purposes, the built in touchscreen keypad works well for me.

    The greater question will be how will your connectivity work there? wifi? 3G (AT&T only, Verizon won't work)?

    As to charging, just use what Mr. Jobs sent you with your iPad, with a converter and plug adaptor of course.
  4. SweetPoison

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    Jun 20, 2010
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    I am going to move this thread to the Accessories section. :)
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    Mar 10, 2011
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    Wolfpuppy3, I can connect my camera directly to my iPad with my camera kit. It comes with 2 adaptors, 1 for the SD card, the other for the camera itself. My Sony uses SD and whatever you call the other one that they basically own and nobody else uses but my camera came with one. I use it as a backup if my SD card gets full before I can unload it and the USB plug adapter works directly to the camera connection kit for it.
    OP,I would definitely suggest the camera kit if nothing else. Depending on how much writing you will be doing can determine if you get a secondary keyboard. I use a Zaggmate but you stated you already have a cover so I'd look at another solution for a secondary keyboard as the biggest secondary use of a Zaggmate is as a case when not in use. Another SIM card might be in order as I hear it's cheaper to buy a prepaid one overseas vs the international data rates.
    I'd also suggest the Photobucket app,free in the store, or something similar to upload photos to if you need to free up iPad memory.Dropbox is another one many suggest but I've been using Photobucket so long I've not tried anything else. A nice thing about both apps is you can send a link to those who want to see the photos and they can open the link to the photo then download it or whatever. I also use Walgreens to store ones that I plan to print in the future so all I have to do is pick 'em then pick them up in an hour.

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