Apple's Stock Price Hits $100, the Highest Level Since September 2012

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    This year, Apple is expected to release a bigger-sized iPhone and a totally new product, which most likely could be the elusive iWatch. A recent report hinted that the iPhone 6 could get released in the beginning of next month, and its launch could be accompanied by the iWatch. That's perhaps the explanation to why Apple's stock has crossed the $100 mark.

    After the 7-for-1 stock split that which was completed in June, the number of shares has increased, in order to make Apple’s stock more accessible to a wider audience. In other words, instead of paying $700 for a share, you can now buy one with just $100. And it seems that the stock price will increase even more, as we're nearing the potential release date. Here are some more details from the WSJ

    Apple hit $100 a share during midday trading on Tuesday for the first time since its seven-for-one split in June. The stock followed a general upward trend after the milestone, putting shares above their split-adjusted record close of $100.3 set on September 19, 2012, just shy of the split-adjusted all-time high of $100.72 from September 21, 2012.

    According to Morgan Stanley, a potential boost from the iWatch could see Apple's stock price rise to as much as $110. Apple's stock has turned out to be a real gold mine for the wise investors. A $10,000 investment in Apple 10 years ago would be worth $456,347.03 today.

    Source: WSJ

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