Apple Shares Cross the $600 Mark for First Time in 18 Months

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    During Apple’s earnings report from late last month, it was announced that the company would increase share buybacks to $90 billion and also introduce a seven-to-one stock split. These are changes that have pleased investors, as Apple’s shares have recently touched the $600 mark for the first time since the month of November, 2012. This is quite an increase, as Apple’s shares have reached values under $500, but now things seems to have stabilized. However, back in September 2012, after the iPhone 5 introduction, it experienced the all-time high of $705.

    Also, last week Apple completed the sale of $12 billion in debt in order to raise cash for the buyback and avoid taxes associated with accessing its cash hoard overseas, as we know the company has had troubles on this matter. More good news for Apple’s investors is represented by the latest verdict in the high-profile Samsung vs Apple case in California in which Apple was awarded almost $120 million in damages.

    Apple could reach its all-time high this year if we will see an iWatch getting launched, but nothing’s sure at the moment. Just as a reminder, Apple’s market capitalization is roughly $518 billion, being the most valuable publicly traded company in the world.

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