Apple's iPad Reaches 78% Share of the North American Tablet Market

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    Apple's iPad sales might be declining, but the company manages to hold an unchallenged lead in the North American tablet market. According to the latest data coming from analytics firm Chitika, Apple's iPad has reached a 78% share of the North American tablet market, which involves web traffic data compiled in the US and Canada. Chitika said the following in its report:

    "Since April 2014, the share of tablet Web traffic generated by North American Apple iPad and Kindle Fire users has increased by 0.8 and 1.2 percentage points, respectively. These represent the two largest quarter-over-quarter increases for any tablet brand, while Samsung's user base exhibited the largest share loss over the same timeframe, dropping two full percentage points."

    On the second place we find Amazon with 7.3%, followed closely by Samsung with 6.3% on the third place. The following positions are being occupied by Google, Microsoft, Barnes & Noble, Asus, Acer, Verizon and Nextbook. It's interesting to observe that Amazon's Kindle Fire has moved into second place ahead of Samsung and Google.

    Speaking of iPad's increased share, Chitika cited said the resumed sales at Costco and new educational discounts across Apple's iPad lineup are one of the most important reasons for the gains. However, Apple's iPad share is slightly down from peak figures from last year when it had a 83.6% share.

    Source: AppleInsider
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    I'm not too surprised. A wander round Staples or BestBuy usually yields a professional looking Apple display, while the rest look like a street market. Only Microsoft seems to make some effort with the Surface display.

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