iPad Dominates Mobile Web Share in United States, Canada

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    According to a recent Chitika Insights report, first spotted by the MacRumors publication, the iPad accounted for more than three quarters of all U.S. and Canadian tablet-based Web traffic in the month that’s about to end. Chitika is a web analytics firm which has sampled tens of millions U.S. and Canadian tablet online impressions across its ad network in the beginning of April this year, to see which tablet has the biggest market share.

    Thus, the report strengthens a fact that most of us already knew - the iPad is the dominant tablet in North America with a mobile web traffic share of 77 percent as compared to 8.3 percent from runner-up Samsung. Amazon's Kindle Fire tablets (e-Readers included) generated 6.3 percent of web traffic and Google's Nexus tablets accounted for 2.2 percent. Microsoft, Asus, Acer and other companies share the remaining 4.5 percent.

    However, it seems that iPad’s share is slowly declining as it had 81.3 percent in April 2013. Apple’s archrival, Samsung, has seen a big yearly gain, growing from 4.7 percent in April 2013 to 8.3 percent in April 2014. Apple’s CEO Tim Cook said that he slight drop in iPad sales this past quarter was caused by high channel inventory levels that artificially inflated the company's March 2013 sales. But could this really be the cause or is iPad just unable to face the increasing pressure?

    Source: MacRumors

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