Apple's Framework ResearchKit is now Supported on the iPad

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    ResearchKit is an open source framework introduced by Apple that lets researchers and developers to create powerful apps for medical research. The framework allows to create visual consent flows, real-time dynamic active tasks, and surveys. ResearchKit also works seamlessly with HealthKit, which enables researchers to access even more data, such as daily step counts, calorie use, and heart rate.

    Initially available only for the iPhone, Apple has now extended support to include iPads, as well. Thus, medical researchers can now gain new data opportunities with ResearchKit's debut on Apple's iPad.

    iPad support has been included in the latest stable release of ResearchKit, v1.1. Along with iPad support, the framework has been updated with new task types, and better slider support. Now that ResearchKit is available on the iPad, as well, this should increase the potential reach of studies, and allow for new kinds of tests as there is now more screen space available.

    Source: Apple

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