Apple’s Campus 2 Spaceship Ring Cafeteria Reaches Ceiling

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    Campus 2 cafeteria topping out.JPG

    AppleInsider reports today that work on Apple’s Campus 2 continues apace, with a new video showing the cafeteria area of the so-called “Spaceship” Ring reaching its ceiling, or “topping out” as they say in the building world!

    From the ground, the top of the steel edifice can be seen above the hordings that are designed to keep out prying eyes while the construction work continues.

    However, just as with last week’s update on the progress of the entire construction site, when viewed from the air (presumably via drone), it’s much easier to see how the work is progressing.

    AppleInsider notes that from the air, it is also possible to spy concrete void slabs used to build the foundation and walls, which act as the ceiling for one floor and support for the floor above.

    According to information on Apple’s jobs website, the concrete void slabs being used for Campus 2 have been provided by Clark Pacific, a family-owned local supplier that has “developed a unique structural design to meet the demands of Apple Campus 2,” to quote Apple.

    Source: Apple Inc Campus 2 Spaceship Ring tops out cafeteria segment video

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