Apple’s spaceship like compound gets opening delayed for 2016

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    Before passing on to complete his final journey, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs was involved in a grandiose architectural project that consisted in building an immense spaceship-like campus on the grounds in Cupertino.

    The compound is supposed to sport a unique futuristic design and if completed, will be able to house a massive number of Apple employees and staff. I’m saying “if completed†because the complex was expected to be up and running by 2015, but recent news pushed that due date to 2016.

    Apple wanted to break ground on the site in 2012, but it was not able to go ahead with the plans because the environment impact report has not been completed yet and will not be ready for a few months to come. David Brandt, manager of Cupertino city, acknowledged that “the project is running a little bit slow†and said he thinks there are chances for things to get moving somewhere in mid-2013.

    Apple revised a little the proposal that Steve Jobs presented to the Cupertino city council in June 2011, but nothing big was changed. For example, Apple adjusted the project as to allow the completion of the compound without having to remove dirt from the construction site.

    By Radu

    Source - Construction of Apple's 'spaceship' campus may not be finished until 2016
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    Rumor has it they're having trouble getting the permits for the Relical...

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