Apple is getting closer to building its new 'spaceship' HQ

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    Apple seems to be closer and closer to finally start the construction of its new 'spaceship' headquarters. The building is Steve Jobs’ final legacy and if you saw some images if the project, you can sense the genius and simplicity in the its architecture.

    The new campus building will not replace Apple's current headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop, but supplement it. A few months before passing away, Steve Jobs visited the Cupertino city council trying to appeal for the 2.8 million square foot area where the "spaceship"-looking building is going to be built.
    And only now has Cupertino's planning commission approved Apple's plans. Apple also has to wait for city’s council vote later this month. The final decision will be known in November.

    Apple’s new corporate building will accommodate up to 14,000 employees and its construction is estimated to cost around $5 billion.

    Source: Cnet


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