Apple will open two new retail stores in China

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    Apple might be making a lot of its devices in China, but there sure aren’t a whole lot of Apple stores in the country. The Chinese government has just confirmed that Apple is planning to open two brand new Apple retail shops in the cities of Chengdu and Shenzhen. Recent research has shown that Apple products are very popular in that area, featuring a developing market for free application downloads. A spike in iPhone sales in the last quarter was also registered in this particular Chinese region.

    Apple already has stores opened in Beijing and Shanghai and the opening of these two stores will raise the count to seven Chinese stores. It’s possible that Apple decided to expand its Chinese presence due to the fact that its business is flourishing with a $7.9 billion in revenue in the country.

    Despite these impressive figures, Apple is nowhere near beating the biggest competitor it has in China – Samsung.

    Apple’s existence in China has been full of turmoil. Just last year the company had to go through a very complex lawsuit with Proview Technologies who came forth with some extraordinary claims. Therefore, due to the complications from the trial, the new iPad hasn’t been currently released into this country yet.

    Thanks to official reports, we know that Apple filed documents with the Shenzhen government to open a shop within the Holiday Plaza, a classy mall located in the Nanshan district. Shenzhen is the place where a lot of Apple components are assembled, as Foxconn, the biggest Apple manufacturer is located here.

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    Source: Apple to open Stores in Chinese cities where iOS devices are made | 9to5Mac | Apple Intelligence

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