Apple Updates App Store With New “Apps for Health" Section, a Collection of Apps that Support Health

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    As you probably already know, HealthKit is a service that allows developers to make software that integrates with the new Health application. With the use of this application, users can track their steps, oxygen, sleep levels, and other health related data; they can also can enter their medical history.

    Now, in order to popularize the new feature in iOS8, Apple has updated the App Store with an “Apps for Health” section in the Featured tab. You will find there several apps that use iOS 8′s Health app to aggregate health and fitness data into a central location for users.

    Apple had to delay HealthKit-compatible apps due to a critical bug in the first version of iOS 8. But after releasing iOS 8.0.2 on Thursday, the company started approving apps that take advantage of the health-tracking features.

    At the moment, Apple has 14 apps listed, and here's the entire list along with direct links to their official iTunes download pages:

    Source: Apple

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