Apple to open new stores in Brazil and Turkey

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    Strong indications have been signaled online that point towards Apple opening a couple of new retail stores in exotic locations like Brazil and Turkey. The theory is backed up by a handful of job listings that Apple has posted this week. The listings include full time retail positions such as Managers, Geniuses, Specialists and Creatives.

    The information comes as no surprise. During the last financial call, Apple clearly stated that is has plans laid out already to open another 30-35 retail locations in the next 12 months. And only 75% of those stores are planned for the United States.

    The Brazilian websites MacMagazine was the first to spot the listings, which later got confirmed as being genuine by The Next Web. The Next Web also provided the exact locations for the upcoming Apple stores: Rio de Janeiro for Brazil and Istanbul for Turkey. However, the fact that Apple is looking for a Market Leader in each of the two countries might indicate that Cupertino is interested in opening more than one shopping venue.

    Opening a store in Brazil is an important step for Apple to take, as the Coffee bean land is an important emerging market such as Russia, India or China.

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    Source - Apple, iPhone and iPad News | ModMyi - New Job Listings Point Towards Apple Retail Stores Launching in Brazil and Turkey

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