Apple's New Store in Turkey Receives the 'Supreme Award' at Structural Awards 2014

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    Apple' design philosophy doesn't affect only the creation of its products, but it also extends to the buildings where consumers can buy them. The company has always been known for placing its retail store in central locations and making them look as simple, yet as elegant as possible.

    Apple's newest Zorlu store in Istanbul is the latest one to receive praises, as it has won both the Supreme Award for Structural Engineering Excellence and the award for best Commercial or Retail Structures at the Structural Awards 2014. This Supreme award is given to the building that exemplifies the "finest example of structural engineering design" for the year. Here's what the description sounds like:

    Apple was recognized for the minimalist structural design of its flagship store in the upscale Zorlu shopping center in Istanbul, Turkey which was created in conjunction with structural engineering firm Eckersley O'Callaghan and architects Foster + Partners.

    As you can see in the above screenshot,the building features a unique cubic design with an all-glass ceiling and sides to take advantage of the natural lighting in the open area of the mall.

    Source: iStructe

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