Apple taking measure against iOS 6 beta activations

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    With the launch of the iOS 6 beta version a few proactive minds decided that they would try to make some money at the expense of the new release. A few websites were offering their Unique Device Identifier (UDID) numbers for sale. These are necessary in order to install the beta version in the absence of a genuine Apple developer account.

    Apple has been made aware of the issue quickly moved to control the situation. The Cupertino Company has asked the hosting providers of the sites to be taken down, accusing them of copyright infringements. So, starting this week the sites stopped working for good.

    One site owner actually stepped forward and confirmed the measures taken by Apple and also revealed that he made $75,000 on the expense of the new beta operating system.

    “We do not believe our service was infringing and our services did not violate their guidelines for iOS 6″, the site owner maintained, adding that he is currently working on a new site “with better and more secure data lines to handle Apple.â€
    Site owners like him took advantage of the fact that every iOS developer who gets a registered account is offered an additional hundred UDID numbers that he can generate.

    These numbers can in turn redirected to average users that are dying to try out the new iOS 6. Of course the price is much cheaper than if one would opt to buy a developer’s account, thus bypassing Apple in the profit process.

    By Radu

    Source: Apple Cracking Down On Sites Selling Access To iOS Betas
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    I just have to wait.
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    I'm running it, and love it very much!

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