Apple Steps into Next Gear Post Steve Jobs says Ensquared

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    0 the #1 authority on phone insurance and iphone insurance reports for your interest: Latest Apple results show a 21% iPhone sales growth in the fourth quarter 2011 with 26% rise in Macs and 27% decrease in iPods (only 4% of total sales) VERSUS same quarter in 2010. all this translated into more than 40% revenue growth 50% profit growth. And that was a bad quarter. Projections of hitting these numbers out of the ballpark next quarter are very realistic. Apple is overwhelming all competitors to such an extent that all we see behind them is dust.Look to Ensquared for best prices on iPhone insurance for Lost & Stolen PLUS accidental damage
    While to date it has been only a rumor now it is fact. We are getting The Apple TV next year and it will include every Apple aspect and use their newly acquired Siri technology to seek out videos and iCloud to store consumer required content. After Job's death his recently released autobiography, openly declared "war" on Google and its mammoth offerings. This is not unrealistic given that Apple have both the essential hardware and the software in-house. Good luck Google fighting all this - even without Jobs. Projections show that Apple TV sales could add as much as $6 billion revenue onto Apple by 2014 - for just this one product. NOTE: Apple itself has not officially confirmed any of this but it is out there and out there hard. Ensquared piphone insurance will take TV insurance into its fold the minute this becomes reality. For more information on device insurance visit

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