Apple Soars Past Android With January Ad Impressions

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    AppleInsider reports that according to the latest report from InMobi, the biggest independent mobile advertising network, Apple’s share of available ad impressions in North America rose impressively from 23.2 percent in October 2011 to 35.3 percent in January 2012, marking a rise of 12.1 percent, just at the time that Android’s share fell by 3.2 percent, down to 32.7 percent. This puts Apple back in the top spot, with Google now behind in second place. As AppleInsider notes, this is a definite improvement for Apple from most of 2011, when Android was the top platform tracked by InMobi for the majority of the year. InMobi’s figures also show that RIM’s BlackBerry iOS had another big fall in ad impressions from October to January, down by 8.9 percent to 11.6 percent, putting it in third place. [/FONT]

    [FONT=&amp]Source: Apple's iOS passes Android, accounts for 35% of mobile ad impressions[/FONT]

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