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    Well i will be the first to admit i am a apple noob. But i do know alot of computers (PC) and also rooting droids. I am how ever going to be getting a ipad on friday for a bunch of different reasons. Mostly for the music apps and djing apps along with the ereader stuff. Plus i have alot of down time at work everyday and they have wifi. Also i would like to jailbreak the ipad and its not going to be a 3g version jsut the plain old wifi and ill be using my rooted droid with wifi tether to send wifi to the ipad when im not in a wifi area.Here is a few things i have questions on if people can answer them and i am sure

    1. Tethered and Untethered Jailbroken? What is the differnece.

    2. Where to start to look for the best guide for jailbreaking.

    3. Recommending apps for the ipad( Ones you all like)

    Again please be gentle but i will take all the info in i have read over some of the other info on the forums but i trust users who have the best knowlegde and sure will point me into the right direction and where to go.

    Thanks for Taking a look at my thread.

    PS ( If you live in pittsburgh and know how to root the ipad hit me up!! ill make ya on hell of a dinner or something)
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