Apple Music has Passed 10M Paying Subscribers

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    According to a fresh report coming from The Financial Times, it seems that Apple Music has now passed ten million paying subscribers after just six months since it was launched.

    This would mean that Apple Music now has half as many paying customers as Spotify, which has been in the streaming-music industry for years. Spotify had 20 million paying subscribers for its streaming music service as of June 2015.

    Mark Mulligan, music industry analyst with Midia Research say Apple Music has “the potential to be the leading music subscription service sometime in 2017,” if it continues its current growth rate. To remind you, Apple Music is free for first-time users during the first three months, after which customers can continue to use the service for a flat monthly fee of $9.99 per month, or $14.99 for a family of six.

    Source: The Financial Times
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