Apple Maps Could Soon Include Local Gas Prices and School Locations

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    It seems that Apple has added several new companies to its Apple Maps Acknowledgements page, which could hint to the fact that the company plans to improve its mapping app. The Acknowledgements page lists all of the sources that provide information to Apple for the Maps app and now new listings include GasBuddy/OpenStore and GreatSchools.

    AppleMapsMarketing publication speculates that this could lead to Maps upgrades like gas prices on gas station locations and school data for school locations. As you probably know, delivers information regarding local gas prices. On the other hand, is a community-based site that aggregates information about schools, such as students enrolled, available programs, ratings, and academic test scores.

    Andrew Shotland from the website had this to share:

    However, it seems that GasBuddy is not supplying Apple with gas prices but just sharing station information like brand name and address. Timothy Revies with iDownloadBlog said the following:

    Apple is also said to be working on some major Maps improvements like transit directions and indoor mapping information.

    Source: AppleMapsMarketing, iDownloadBlog

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