Apple Maps Adds New Bike Sharing Stations Feature in More Than 175 Cities

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    AppleInsider reports today that Apple Maps has just been updated with the locations of bike-sharing services in more than 175 cities in 36 countries, with the idea of helping tourists and anyone else who wants to hire a bike.

    To access the feature, all you have to do is type “bike sharing” in the search bar, and then choose the “Bike Sharing Nearby” option when prompted with a list of choices.

    The bike sharing services that you can access when you use the search depend very much on your location. For example, in London you will be able to hire Santander Cycles, and also privately owned services. Other services available worldwide include Citi Bike in New York City, Ford GoBike in San Francisco, Biketown in Portland, Bicing in Barcelona, BIXI in Montreal, CityCycle in Brisband, and Nextbike in various European cities.

    Information provided for each cycle stand in the search results includes the address, contact details, and, where available, a link to the app for the service.

    Apple has sourced the bike sharing station data from Ito World, a data analysis and visualisation firm, which has a global bike sharing data feed.

    Source: Apple Maps adds locations of bike-sharing stations in over 175 cities

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