Apple Kickstarts Apple Pay Training Programs for its Retail Employees

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    Apple Pay, the mobile payment and digital wallet service is scheduled to launch in the United States later on this this month.

    And it seems we're getting closer to that moment, as Apple has already begun preparing for the launch by kicking off Apple Pay training programs for retail store employees. The company has also started working with retailers to prepare for the debut later this month.

    The leaked training materials suggest that Apple Pay can be set up via the Passbook application through both the initial iOS 8 setup process or in a new tab called Passbook & Apple Pay. It seems that credit cards can be added to Passbook via an iTunes account or by using the iPhone or iPad camera to scan in details.

    According to the leaked material, Passbook will be able to store up to 8 credit/debit cards. As previously reported, Apple Pay will have deep ties with the credit card companies and banks involved in the service.

    Thus, iPad and iPhone users will have a simple list of recent transactions, quick access to download an accompanying App Store app, the ability to contact their bank, the option to receive push notifications, and a display of both their credit card’s number and the unique device account number.

    Source: 9to5Mac

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