Apple Issues Statement on Maps Issues

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Sep 21, 2012.

By Maura on Sep 21, 2012 at 6:57 AM
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    AppleInsider reports that following on from the deluge of complaints reverberating around social media about Apple’s new in-house Maps app, which has replaced Google’s iOS Maps app, Apple has now issued a statement via spokesperson Trudy Miller, to AllThingsD, saying the following:

    Granted any new software is bound to have teething troubles, but I’m really surprised that Apple released Maps if it still had so many issues. Lots of people worldwide really have come to rely on their Maps app to get around, I'm sure that many of us have, so to suddenly find that they don’t have it has been the reason for many of the complaints. Meanwhile, if you fancy a little chuckle, then The Huffington Post has a slideshow of photos that show some of the biggest gaffs of the new app.

    Source: Apple 'working hard' to rectify Maps issues, appreciates 'customer feedback'
    10 Funniest Fails In Apple's iOS Maps App (PHOTOS)


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Sep 21, 2012.

    1. AdmiralAdama
      Thanks for this Maura. The bloopers are fun.


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    2. thewitt
      The contract with Google for map services expired along with the YouTube app contract. Apple really has no choice but to release this version, which will get dramatically better over time as they update the database.
    3. ZenMaster_Flash
    4. bazzav55
      Ios6 maps issues

      I am very disappointed with Apple for putting out such a shoddy product as their mapping app - it is not easy and intuitive to use, does work as other "good" satnav products do, such as TomTom. In my opinion is unfit for the purpose intended. You are about 25% there - it needs a lot of work. Some of the nice things like speed on roads, distance to go, time to next turn are just a few of the things missing. I am very disappointed that Apple should present such poor workmanship. Talk about value for money - this is beyond belief - if I had a choice now I would go to another manufacturer/product that uses Google Maps. How ever did this product get through Apples stringent quality reviews. I remain yours - Gobsmacked
    5. twerppoet
      Google has been gathering map data for years. Apple wasn't going to catch up without releasing their own map app.

      With the app on millions of devices and customer feedback pouring in, the app should improve rapidly; or so we can hope. Siri's improvements are due to the same strategy. You need data to improve something like this, and you get a lot more if you put it out there than you get with a few dozen guys sitting in cubicles.

      This is the step back Apple had to make if they were ever going to offer a solid product of their own. Given that Google is competition, depending on them (without some iron clad future proof license agreement) would not have been wise.

      That they went with TomTom is probably because they got a bigger say in how things are going forward. The biggest GPS providers don't need the boost Apple can give them, so they would be unlikely to listen to what Apple wants.
    6. AdmiralAdama
      This is the best and most reasoned response addressing Apple's decision to develop it's own map app, that I've read.

      Thank you for the post tp.


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    7. twerppoet

      Well, to honest, it's just a condencation of the best parts of several articles and one podcast that I've read/listened to today. I'm not saying I haven't been thinking along these lines, but the articles are to blame for me being able to articulate it clearly.

      All except the TomTom part. That's just rampant speculation of my own.
    8. goofy8275
      The bloopers are hilarious, but certainly cannot be overlooked. Even apple misplacing its own store???
      Steve Jobs would be FURIOUS if he were still alive and the maps app was released like that...
    9. qwerty12345
      Some things are better left untouched! Apple & Google gotta work out their differences . There will be no prisoners if they don't ...

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