Apple isn’t Allegedly Planning to Release iOS 8.2 Until March

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    If you have the latest and greatest iOS version downloaded and installed on your iPhone or iPad, you might be curious when is the next version coming up. Some of us might just be curious, while others are still experiencing various bugs and glitches.

    But besides fixing problems and adding new features, iOS 8.2, the upcoming version of Apple's mobile software, will also bring support for Apple Watch.

    Tim Cook previously said that the device will be put on sale sometime during April, and now we're hearing news that iOS 8.2 will be released next month. Jonathan S. Geller from BGR informs:

    "We’ve been told by a trusted source that Apple isn’t planning to release iOS 8.2 until March, according to the most recent roadmap. While iOS 8.2 will bring some general improvements and fixes to the company’s mobile operating system, the big news is the support for Apple Watch."

    This makes perfect sense, so don't start looking for news on this until spring comes. Sources say iOS 8.2 is currently scheduled to be released during the second week of the month, but this timeline is not official, of course.

    Source: BGR

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