Apple Currently Testing iOS 6.0.1

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    BGR reports that according to one of its reliable Apple sources, Apple has already started testing iOS 6.0.1 with its carrier partners in the US. BGR even has a list of some of the fixes that will most likely be included in the update, such as one for the horizontal line bug that occurs when the keyboard is open, a fix for the problem of cellular data not working in some instances, and a fix for the issue whereby the camera flash does not fire. Also said to be fixed with this update is the bug that allows Passbook pass details to be accessed from the lock screen, and one that randomly cancels Exchange meetings for all members in a calendar invite group. Enhancements include improved Wi-Fi support, and a new consolidated cellular data switch for iTunes Match. As well as this news, BGR says that it has also heard that iOS 6.1 is also currently being tested, and will most likely be launched after the holidays.

    Source: Apple starts testing iOS 6.0.1 for release, iOS 6.1 after holidays | BGR

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