Apple could partner with Intel for next iPhone, iPad chips

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    Rumors of an impending partnership between Apple and Intel have now resurfaced this week. Reuters reports via sources familiar with the information that Cupertino top executives have been discussing with Intel a future partnership that involves the creation of ARM-based SoCs chips. However, no consensus has been reached yet and no deal has been signed.

    We have been seeing reports predicting that Apple will shake hands with Intel ever since 2011. For example, information dating from May 2011 revealed that Intel seemed interested in taking up the manufacture of the A4 or A5 SoCs Apple chips. However, nothing happened further on, so the theory was dropped and apparently forgotten.

    Since today’s tech world purchasing tendencies has been proved to bend towards the mobile market, Intel is looking for a way to expand away from its PC business. Recently, reports have shown that PCs sales have been dropping like flies worldwide, in favor of the lighter and more attractive tablets. Intel has certainly noticed the trend and apparently is planning to do something about it by trying to jump aboard with Apple.

    On top of that, Intel’s CEO, Paul Otellini, is due to retire in May of 2013, so a new CEO might bring a fresh new expanding approach to the company’s business ecosystem. Striking a deal with Apple might however overshadow Intel’s own Atom mobile processor, but working along with one of the top tech companies of the world is not an advantage to be overlooked.

    Source: Chicago Tribune

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