Apple continues to use LCD displays for iPad 3, higher PPI envisaged

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    It appears that when users really covet one product, all kind of rumors appear about its characteristics. Following this pattern, recent speculation suggested that Apple’s third-generation tablet might integrate OLED displays, but it appears these rumors are false.
    Apple is not planning to use OLED displays for its iPad 3 tablets, but stick to the regular LCD screens, since product sequels usually integrate the same parts as their predecessor, Korean Times reported citing a â€reliable sourceâ€.

    LG, one of Apple’s main display suppliers is planning to increase production for low temperature poly-silicon LCDs by 2013, which means the screen resolution will also be improved. The Cupertino-based company is expected to launch its iPad 3 in the near future and LG may have decided to increase production so as to supply more LCD screens to Apple.
    Of course, OLED displays are better than LG’s LCDs, but they are less expensive. If Apple decided to switch to OLED display, it would mean that consumers would have to pay more to buy an iPad tablet.

    This bigger price-tag would then make the iPad less attractive for potential buyers, which means Apple’s revenues would drop. Most probably, Apple won’t integrate OLED displays in its upcoming iPad 3 because the company wants to keep its tablet affordable for as many consumers as possible.
    LG has reportedly demanded its part suppliers to increase the pixels-per-point index which means the iPad 3 could offer better resolution displays.

    By Radu Tyrsina
    Source: ipadnewshub

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