Apple CEO Tim Cook sued over automatic iOS 7 update

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    Most of the iOS users probably thank Apple for their automatic over-the-air iOS update mechanism as this feature makes it easier to update to Apple's mobile operating system. But not everybody seems to share that opinion. Mark David Menacher, resident of Poway, California has decided to take Apple CEO Tim Cook to court, asking for the removal of the iOS 7 install file as well as $50.

    Talking to Cnet, Menacher said the following:

    To remind you, the over-the-air iOS updates are automatically downloaded when your iOS device is plugged and connected to WiFi, but it will still require permission to install the new software. It might be annoying, though, as it will ask you do this everytime you restart your iOS device.

    The issue that Menacher invokes is that the automatically downloaded installation file cannot be removed by the user. And they take up more than one gigabyte which could potentially decrease the device’s available memory by up to 15%.

    Menacher seems to be serious about this and he said he is even considering elevating the issue to a higher court. Policeman from the New York Police Department have a different opinion about iOS 7, as they were encouraging iPhone/iPad owners back in Septmeber to download the software update as soon as it was made available.

    What do you think about this small-claims complaint?

    Source: Cnet

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