Apple beats Samsung, takes top spot for customer satisfaction in South Korea

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    Samsung has been putting up quite the fight in the war for mobile platforms supremacy. However competing against the world’s favorite technology maker, and here of course we mean Apple, is not an easy task even in Samsung’s home land – South Korea.

    A new study covering customer satisfaction in this particular country by Quality Insights and relayed by Naver illustrates that Apple products provide Korean customers with the highest degree of gratification. Not Samsung.

    The research is pretty massive and has included over 44,168 people who own a smartphone and actively use them. They have been asked to report their satisfaction with their devices over the course of an entire year. Customer service provided by the companies making the smartphones has been an issue in the survey as well.

    Why are Apple products providing the best consumer experience, even in Samsung’s own grounds? According to the findings of the research, customer service efficacy represents a big deal for most device owners. Thus, 52% of South Koreans declared themselves the most happy with Apple’s after service services, while 50% declared loyalty to Samsung. Completing the top 3, LG managed to snatch 46 percent. This basically means that Apple takes less time handling technical difficulties encountered by users than any other smartphone maker.

    On top of that, Apple’s gear is not easily damageable, in the first place. 17% of iPhone owners experienced some kind of trouble with their smartphone within the first year. Compare this to the 25% of LG and 31% of Samsung.

    Source: AppleInsider


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