Apple and Google Have Declared a Cease-fire in Patent Wars

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    There's been a lot of talk about the still ongoing Apple vs Samsung war of patents, but this isn't the single company who is fighting with Apple over intellectual property, another big rival being Google. But, the two giants have decided to stop the fight and to join efforts in order to reform patent law. The lawsuits that are going to be dropped involve patent disputes regarding Google’s Motorola Mobility handset unit. Brian Love, a Santa Clara University School of Law professor, said that the reason why Apple is doing this is to have more time and effort to focus on the ongoing fight against Samsung.

    Besides claiming that Samsung stole some of Apple's hardware and software ideas, the two companies are also dueling each other in areas including mobile maps and online music and many other services and products. Another reason why Apple and Google have decided to stop the legal fight is because they were losing a great deal of money in legal fees. Apple lost $32 million and it will have kept on losing, without even being sure whether the possible rewards could be bigger than the loss. The two companies said the following:

    There is a chance, however, for the same scenario to happen in the Apple vs Samsung case, because the money spent by Apple on legal fees, as well as the time and effort could just not be worth it. Recently, Apple won only $120 million from Samsung after seeking $2 billion in damages.

    Source: Bloomberg
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