Another Apple victory: Jury orders Samsung to pay Apple $290 million

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    The Apple-Samsung war has cooled off recently, but now it seems that the fight is getting more steam. And, once more, Apple is the winner. A Silicon Valley jury added $290 million more to the damages Samsung Electronics owes Apple for copying iPhone and iPad features. Now, the total amount the South Korean company owes to Apple for patent infringement is at $930 million.

    The previous jury awarded Apple $1.05 billion but U.S. District Judge Lucy Koh reduced the damages to $640 million after ruling that the jury miscalculated the amount owed on 13 devices. Apple spokeswoman Kristin Huguet said the following

    Juror Barry Goldman-Hall added also his input on this matter

    And here’s what Samsung had to say:

    The two companies could put an end to the legal battles with a settlement agreement, but it seems that neither one of them is ready for this compromise.

    Source: TheVerge
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    I guess Apple has to find some way to stay on top...they've had nothing really innovative since Jobs passed away. Flame me all you want but prove me wrong....

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