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Apple adding new applications in order to expand iCloud

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by iDan, Dec 27, 2011.

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    If you happen to be an experienced software engineer, and in need of a job, maybe you should start contemplating the possibility of a career path at Apple. Very recently, the company created a job posting calling for all interested software engineers to join the iWork team. The applicant, will be integrated in the iWork team on the front and/or back end of scalable web applications. The jobs were listed just a day after Apple announced the iCloud.com beta service, which incorporates Calendar, Mail and Contacts via an web app. These feats were first intended for Apple’s MobileMe Service, which has been dropped. iCloud is also rumored to have a working section of iWork apps, but nothing has been posed yet.

    iWork.com offers space for hosting of documents coming from iWork applications, but this will soon be integrated into iCloud. iWork also allows users to view and share documents, but it won’t let them add any changes (editing). The jobs posted, advertised free spots for the iWork team, but it is not clear yet whether this applies to the existing iWork domain and web service or if it applies to the iCloud part of the iWork. But given the fact that the jobs were announced right after the iCloud.com news came out, it is likely the engineering jobs will go to the iCloud team instead.

    Apple may be going into the Google Docs and Microsoft Office 265 direction, if it will keep up the plans of expanding iWork beyond the current, as the job posting asks for experience in “developing web application frameworks, building and maintain large-scale distributed systems and building web application user interfaces.†Are you brushing your CV yet?

    Source: Appleinsider

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