‘PayPal Here’ for iOS Updated with a Brand New Look

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    PayPal is one of the biggest online money transfer services in the world, and among its millions of users there are plenty of iPhone and iPad owners. That’s why the company has released well-crafted mobile apps for these users and has always made sure to release timely and useful updates. But besides offering apps to regular consumers, it also came up with solutions for those who want to use PayPal in their business. The ‘PayPal Here’ app is a really easy to use point-of-sale solution that has been recently updated. So, here’s what’s new in version 2.0:

    • Overall upgraded experience with a fresh look and feel
    • New dynamic search tool
    • Now you can swipe cards at any time during the order process
    • Easier custom inventory entry system
    • Simplified order entry, profile, settings, and log-in process
    • Quicker visibility of customers that have “checked-in†to pay
    • Enhanced cart view for reviewing sales before payment
    • Faster entry and auto-fill of customer info for database and receipts

    The iPhone app now comes with a refreshed interface and the same updated should roll out in the near future to the iPad version, as well, as currently it still features the previous version. The improved apps now come with a dynamic search tool that allows users to search for specific items and charges, a streamlined custom inventory entry system, and the ability to swipe cards at any moment during the order process. Also, enhanced cart views and simplified order entry fields for quicker sales processing have been added.

    PayPal Here was first launched on the iPhone in 2012, and debuted on the iPad last year, coming with special features like the ability to connect to a cash drawer and printer. Individual users and businesses can use it to accept credit and debit cards, send invoices, and track cash payments among other point-of-sale features. If you’re running a business, would you be interested in such a solution?

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