Analyst sees iPad launch with China Mobile the next ‘logical step’ after iPhone deal

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    Apple is getting closer and closer to finally signing the iPhone deal with China Mobile, China’s and the world’s largest carrier. According to a recent report that we covered, subsidy rates for the iPhone have recently leaked. This shows that the deal is almost ready to be finalized. The agreement between Apple and China Mobile makes it more likely that compatible versions of Apple's iPad lineup will soon be present in China Mobile’s portfolio, as well.

    Connie Guglielmo from the Forbes publication explains why the China Mobile deal is so important for Apple:

    Analyst Chris Whitmore of Deutsche Bank sees the iPad launch through China Mobile a "logical next step" for Apple after the iPhone debut has concluded. At the moment, this is all speculation, but it makes sense for Apple to bring the successful iPad to China Mobile subscribers, as well. Sam Oliver with AppleInsider explains how this would work:

    The same analyst sees Apple selling as many as 20 million iPhones through the carrier in the first year. He also estimates that this financial success will add around $4 in incremental earnings per share.

    Source: AppleInsider, Forbes
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