American iPad Users Pay A High Price for Data

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jul 31, 2010.

By Maura on Jul 31, 2010 at 1:23 PM
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    Wired reports that American iPad owners are paying through the nose for their iPad data services, at least according to a company called Tableau Software, that has come up with a chart comparing how much different countries pay around the world in terms of dollars per GB of data on the iPad. It turns out that Hong Kong and Singapore have the cheapest data rates, with plans that come to under one-twentieth the cost per GB paid by US consumers.

    "You can get a GB of data for 51 cents in Singapore," said Ross Perez, a data analyst at Tableau Software. "What's so special about the US that we pay so much more?" he asks, noting the comparison with the 2GB of data you get for a whopping $25 per month in the US.

    However, as Wired points out, at least America isn't the most expensive country on the list, with that dubious honour going to France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

    Source: Wired


Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jul 31, 2010.

    1. Chng238
      Singaporean are lucky.
      Maybe Singapore is the small city, telco setup cost are much cheaper then other country...
    2. pointdexler
      Singapore iPAD unlimited plan for just $26..
    3. Seadog
      Maybe it should be considered that the higher the standard of living, the higher the data plan cost? If the average wage is taken into consideration, it might be more equal.
    4. Prasius
      After glancing over a few wealth/standard of living tables, I don't think theres the evidence to support that - certainly not to account for the wide spread of data costs shown in that table. I do think network providers will suck as much money as possible from their customers, evident by the number of disappearing 'unlimited' data plans in many countries. :(
    5. ncus
      Indonesian are luckier

      Although iPad not officially available in Indonesia, but most Indonesian got iPad 3G from Singapore and US.

      Here, GSM provider are battle on each other, they have insane price for data plan. Right now I am using AXIS, it cost only $5/month for 500MB data. That's far more enough for my iPad that are rarely use 3G data connection, mostly on WIFI area.
    6. skippyman
      Canada is even more expensive. Exactly why I stayed away from 3G.
    7. Emepegel
      Woo I like a lot when my country is the world championship. But that's for what? :)

      That said, the point is more complicated than mentioned by Wired, this is related to 3G but 3G in my country at least, is too slow for an iPad so for now it makes much more sense to stick to Wifi, making iPad 3G price a totally pointless point.

      More interesting would have been to link it to the 3G capacity of the country.

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