ABC to Use Grey’s Anatomy to Re-Launch Sync iPad App

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Jan 29, 2011.

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    PaidContent reports today that ABC is about to announce the re-launch of its Sync iPad app, which will be boosted on its return to the App Store by the ABC smash hit show, Grey’s Anatomy. The app, which ABC launched in collaboration with Nielsen last year, is designed to synchronize extra content to your iPad to complement the programme that you are watching on your TV. Kind of like an iPad version of a friend sitting next to you on the sofa chipping in with interesting facts about the programme. PaidContent says that Sync was initially launched last September with a new TV show called My Generation, which unfortunately proved to be not the best of showcases for the app, as it was soon cancelled due to poor ratings.

    Although Mandler didn’t mention any specifics about what fans can expect from the Grey’s Anatomy-themed Sync app, PaidContent says that it will probably be similar to the content included in the My Generation version, which featured polls, quizzes, and Twitter tie-ins to get people talking.

    Source: ABC To Revive Sync iPad App With ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ | paidContent
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    This is their problem... Tying it to one show. It should be able to be used with all of their new eps on their channel and people would use it. I hope that's their plan going forward as I don't have interest in downloading 20 apps for something like this
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    Big Grey's Anatomy fan here. I can't watch the shows live due to my location, but I do download them, hopefully it will still allow me to use the app.

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