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Wall Street Journal Launches $1.99 Single Downloads for iPad

Discussion in 'Apple iPad News' started by Maura, Mar 23, 2011.

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    PaidContent reports that the Wall Street Journal is to launch single-issue downloads via its iPad app for $1.99. They will be available as in-app purchases in the free app. Dow Jones’ digital head, Alisa Bowen, told PaidContent that the introduction of single-issue downloads was in keeping with the company’s “open house approach.†The company’s intention is that people will be enticed to pay up for a full subscription once they get a little taster of the app. Basically the single-issue downloads will be a version of the daily print edition. Users will also be offered the chance to buy the full “Now Edition†for $18 for the month, which also includes news updates. PaidContent says that the WSJ is also offering a digital bundle, which provides complete access to WSJ.com and the entire digital range of products for iPad, Android tablet, iPhone and BlackBerry, for $3.99 per week. Bowen told PaidContent that she thinks people will definitely want more to subscribe on a more regular basis once they’ve had a chance to experience the content in a bite-sized format. That’s what they’re counting on anyway!

    Source: WSJ Launching Single-Issue Downloads For iPad | paidContent

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