10 Equations to compare iPad to other devices

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    10 Equations to describe Apple’s new iPad


    I have been sifting through Apple’s web site and many of the news and blogging sites to learn more about iPad. Needless to say now that hype is reality, there are more negative comments than positive. There are lots of

    • Will you buy it?
    • How will you justify it?
    • Which device is it most similar to?
    • What are its advantage and disadvantage over other equivalent devices?
    So, I have put together 10 equations comparing it to equivalent devices along with its major pluses and major negatives over the device. Tell me what you think?

    • iPad = iPhone + bigger size – phone – camera
    • iPad = iPod Touch + bigger screen – mobility

    • iPad = iMac + personal touch screen – multi-tasking – hard drive

    • iPad = Kindle + multimedia + interactivity – price

    • iPad = Netbooks + personal touch screen – multi-tasking

    • iPad = TV + interactivity + personalization – price – smaller size

    • iPad = PS3 + touch screen + better UI – Blue ray

    • iPad = Car entertainment system + portability + interactivity – one to a person – integration
    I know these are only eight while I promised ten in the title. Now that you have read these, I am sure you have your list and so add it here and help make this list complete to ten. Thanks in advance.
    R. Paul Singh
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    Jan 27, 2010
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    Wow, worst comparisons ever. What the ipad is is a big iphone with kindle. Nothing more, nothing less. Who on earth is going to say I want a ps3 but the ipad looks like a good alternative? Who is going to say that to any of these? Is this for damage control or what? lol.

    I need a new tv but the ipad could be a great substitute. Good god man, are you nuts.

    At least compare it to something in the same market.
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