1,000 iPads to be Given to Caregivers of Disabled Veterans

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    Cult of Mac reports today on a new pilot project organized by the Veterans Affairs Department as part of its Family Caregivers program, which will see 1,000 iPads being distributed to family members of veterans who have been injured or disabled during military service post 9/11. The VA program as a whole was developed to enable disabled veterans to stay at home where they would be looked after by their loved ones. The program helps these caregivers in a variety of different ways, including paying them a monthly stipend, as well as paying for travel to care-related events, health training, counseling services, and respite care. According to Nextgov, the iPad initiative, called Clinic-in-hand, will involve caregivers receiving iPads that have been pre-loaded with various medical apps. Certain custom apps will have the facility to integrate with VA medical systems, and can also be used to send data about the veteran’s health between the department, the veteran, and the caregiver. Participants in the scheme will initially be chosen at random this summer. Cult of Mac notes that a special App Store selling the aforementioned customized apps will also be set up. According to Cult of Mac, this initiative is one of the first large-scale uses of iPads by a human services organization.

    Source: New Program Will Deliver iPads To Family Caregivers Of Injured Veterans | Cult of Mac

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