Niantic has today announced that Legendary Pokémon are finally coming to Pokémon Go this weekend as part of Pokémon Go’s first-year anniversary celebrations. The Legendary Pokémon will be available at Gyms, and you can catch one of your own in a couple of different ways. Firstly, you can find Legendary Eggs at Gyms. Secondly, if you help to defeat a Legendary Raid Boss, you will then have the chance to catch the Legendary Pokémon. Once caught, you won’t be able to leave your Legendary Pokémon at a Gym, however, although you can use them during the Raid and Gym Battles.

The first Legendary Pokémon will be revealed on July 22 during Pokémon GO Fest, which is taking place in Grant Park, Chicago, but only if trainers around the world manage to catch enough Pokémon during the Pokémon GO Fest Challenge Windows. Should the Trainers in Chicago then defeat the Legendary Pokémon, it will start to appear in Raid Battles all over the world, following Pokémon GO Fest.

Source: A Legendary first year of Pokémon GO! - Pokémon GO

Jagex has announced that its flagship MMORPG RuneScape will be coming to iOS this winter, complete with interoperable PC play.

The Cambridge-based developer says that Old School RuneScape will be released first, with RuneScape to follow, making them the first mainstream and fully established Western MMORPGs to deliver the total MMO experience on both PC and mobile platforms, complete with full interoperable play, where players can seamlessly switch between playing on PC and mobile and back again, enjoying exactly the same gameplay on the move as they would on their PC at home.

You don’t have to have played, or be playing, the games on PC at all, you can choose to simply play only on mobile if you so wish, and if you used to play the game on PC but now want to play only on mobile, you’ll be able to do so.

MacRumors reports that according to TechCrunch, Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles is currently carrying out a pilot program using iPads, not just as a means of keeping patients informed, but also as a way of enabling parents in the NICU to interact with their children when there is a high risk of spreading infection.

As part of the pilot, all patients can view their electronic health information on iPads using the My C-Link app. Not only is this a great way of keeping patients informed, it also frees up nurses’ workloads, and is a way of showing patients and family members educational videos on demand.

Meanwhile, in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, new parents have been using FaceTime on their iPads to have at least a small degree of contact with their newborn babies that are at a high risk of infection. While still no substitute for actual contact, parents and babies can at least have some sort of bond via their iPads.

Cedars-Sinai doctor Shaun Miller told TechCrunch that next the hospital has plans for “opening up APIs and adding data standards” to further increase and improve communication.

The Jacobs Medical Center in La Jolla, California, has a similar program, with a patient care and information system using Apple TV, iPad, and big flat-screen TVs in all of the hospital’s 245 rooms.

Source: Cedars-Sinai pilot uses Apple's iPad to provide patient with data, control infection in NICU

MacRumors reports on the latest Apple Park Campus 4K drone footage from Matthew Roberts that gives a great up-close look at some key areas of the almost-completed campus, including the Steve Jobs Theater, the visitor center across the way, the main round building, and also the historic Glendenning Barn.

The historic Glendenning Barn has been situated in the area since the beginning of the twentieth century. When Apple bought up the site of the old HP campus, it made sure to take the old redwood barn apart piece by piece, plank by plank, nail by nail, and carefully noted every aspect of its construction in order to be able to move it and reconstruct it in another location on the new Apple Campus. Apple even went so far as to stockpile redwood that had been salvaged from an old grove in case any original planks needed to be repaired.

It looks like all that painstaking planning on Apple’s part paid off, as Roberts’s new footage shows that Apple has managed to successfully rebuild the barn.

Apple Park will be surrounded by approximately 9,000 trees; the campus will also feature a large pond inside the “spaceship,” walking trails, benches, and an employee fitness center.

Source: Apple Has Finished Moving and Precisely Reassembling a Historic Barn At Its New Headquarters

The Next Web reports that Facebook is currently gradually rolling out a new built-in GIF-creation mode for Facebook camera. It only has a limited rollout at present, but should be available worldwide very soon.

In order to use the new feature, you simply have to tap the camera icon in the top left of the Facebook app, then you’ll see two options at the top of the screen: NORMAL and GIF.

The Verge says that the new GIF function is “a bit of a mixed bag.” As you might expect, you can use it to add different frames and filters to a picture, some of which look very cool indeed, but unfortunately you can only share your GIF creations via your Facebook Story or by posting on your Facebook page, which is pretty limited. They can also only be saved as videos. It’s not yet known if Facebook has any plans to make it possible to share GIFs created via the app on other social media platforms aside from Facebook.

Sources: Facebook camera has built-in GIF creator

Facebook’s built-in camera does GIFs now

AppleInsider reports that Apple has just made a move that is bound to delight owners of the first-generation Apple Watch, as they will now be able to get free repairs to the back cover of the original Apple Watch for 3years rather than just 1 year.

This includes all versions of the first-generation Apple Watch, such as the Sport, standard, Edition, or Hermes models, and even those watches where the warranty has already expired will be covered.

Even better, any owner of a first-generation Apple Watch who has already paid out for a back-cover repair can call Apple Support and try to obtain a refund of that payment.

The loose cover problem with some of the first-generation Apple Watch models has been known about since 2015, and often occurs when the watch is removed from its magnetic charger. The cause is not known, but it is thought to have something to do with the original glue used on the part not being strong enough.

Image: John Gruber

Source: Apple extends free repairs for first-gen Apple Watch back covers to three years

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