Cult of Mac reports that Merriam-Webster is risking offending Apple customers by using them as an example of the word “Sheeple” that it has just entered officially into the dictionary.

Here’s Merriam-Webster’s definition in full:

“people who are docile, compliant, or easily influenced: people likened to sheep.”

And here’s the second of two examples given by Merriam-Webster to support this:

“‘Apple’s debuted a battery case for the juice-sucking iPhone - an ungainly lumpy case the sheeple will happily shell out $99 for’-Doug Criss.”

As you might expect, Merriam-Webster’s disparaging of Apple fans by singling out as an example has not gone down well, and the normally sedate and polite comments section of the Merriam-Webster online dictionary is certainly a lot more fiery than usual at the moment. Many commenters have taken the criticism to heart, including Garett Wolff, who wrote “I am highly offended you allow such hateful and anti-apple examples to be used,” and Dustin Ravizé, who said “This is disgusting, complete disrespect to people who use Apple’s technology to enrich their lives and the ones around them.”

Of course there were others who were highly delighted by Merriam-Webster’s comments, such as Rachel Alien Freilich, who simply said “Awesome!,” and Kevin Leon, who said, “I love a good laugh at Apple’s expense. If ever there was perfect usage example this was it.”

Will be interesting to see what Apple’s clever marketing and publicity people make of all this!

Sources: Merriam-Webster calls Apple fans 'sheeple' | Cult of Mac

Definition of SHEEPLE

MacRumors reports today that AT&T has written to those of its customers who have grandfathered unlimited data plans for their iPads, telling them that, for all intents and purposes, their plan will no longer be unlimited from May 24, 2017.

What this means, essentially, is that from that date onwards, AT&T iPad unlimited-data customers will have their data usage throttled when they use more than 22GB of data during one bill period, or, as AT&T put it in its letter, “when you use more than 22GB of data in one bill period, we may slow down your data speeds during periods of network congestion for the rest of your bill period.”

Despite the fact that this ties in with AT&T’s recently announced unlimited data plan policy, it will come as a bit of a shock to iPad owners who have been used to having completely unlimited and uncapped data.

Source: AT&T Customers With Grandfathered Unlimited iPad Data Plans Will See Throttling After 22GB of Usage

Following on from yesterday’s news from noted Apple leaker Sonny Dickson that Apple could be working on its own version of Amazon’s Echo speaker, Cult of Mac reports today that Apple could be planning to launch its Siri speaker as soon as its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose this June.

While Dickson didn’t give much more away about Apple’s plans for a Siri speaker yesterday, today he told MacRumors that “someone inside Apple” said that the speaker was as “fat” as the Google Home speaker (pictured), with mesh fabric covering most of it, and a concave top similar to the Mac Pro.

Dickson’s sources also told him the added information about Apple showcasing the speaker at WWDC.

Dickson was previously known for leaking parts about forthcoming Apple products, and so it’s good to see that he has now branched out to getting apparent scoops about forthcoming Apple products from Apple sources.

Source: Apple's new Siri speaker could be revealed at WWDC

Recode reports today that according to a source familiar with Apple’s plans, the company has recently been in talks with payments industry partners about setting up its own version of money-transfer system Venmo. The service would enable iPhone owners to send money digitally to other iPhone users.

The source said that it expects Apple to launch the service later in the year, with another source adding that the date of the announcement and of the launch had not yet been decided.

Apple actually held similar talks back in 2015, but nothing appeared to come of it at that time.

Recode says that Apple has also been in talks with Visa recently about its own pre-paid Visa debit cards that would also tie in with the new money-transfer service. You would be able to use the cards to access money sent to you via the money-transfer service without waiting for it to clear into your bank account.

Source: Apple is in talks to launch its own Venmo

According to a report on AppleInsider today, Apple is “currently finalizing” designs for its rival to Amazon’s Echo, which is set to include support for Siri and Apple AirPlay, as well as featuring Beats technology and running on a version of iOS.

The news comes via noted Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, who tweeted that the new device is “expected to be marketed as a Siri/AirPlay device.” If Dickson knows anything more than that about the new product then he’s still keeping his cards close to his chest, as so far these are all the details that he’s released so far.

As far as the story’s credibility is concerned, Dickson has a great track record when it comes to Apple scoops, such as the revamped iOS 10 lockscreen, to name but one.

However, should it turn out to be accurate, this news comes as somewhat of a surprise off the back of a report back in February that said that according to an anonymous Apple executive, Apple had “no apparent interest” in developing a rival device to Amazon’s Echo.

Source: Apple 'finalizing' design of Amazon Echo rival based on Siri
Instagram and Twitter both add millions of new users.JPG

Recode reports today that both Instagram and Twitter have just reported very successful quarters as far as attracting millions of new users is concerned.

Facebook-owned Instagram now has 700 million monthly active users, after adding 100 million accounts in just 4 months, eclipsing the 6 months that it took to rise from 500 million to 600 million users, and the 9 months that it took to rise from 400 million to 500 million users.

And Twitter is reporting similar good news, at least as far as new users is concerned, having added nine million new users in the last quarter, which is the highest number of new users since the beginning of 2015. And while Twitter did report a business decline of approximately 8%, representing the company’s first ever year-over-year decline, as Recode points out, this is still a lot better than the business decline of around 14% that Wall Street was predicting.

Sources: Instagram is growing faster than ever and now has 700 million users

Twitter added nine million new users last quarter, the most since early 2015

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