A new report out from Engadget indicates that Verizon is going to try and capitalize on the iPad Launch and sell some data contracts.
Turns out Big Red is tipping off its staffers on how it can encourage customers to go with the WiFi-only version of the iPad and pair it up with a device like the MiFi rather than shelling out $130 more for integrated AT&T 3G and waiting a few extra weeks. As usual, Verizon's keen on playing up the anti-AT&T sentiment it's cultivated in its recent ad campaign by openly calling its biggest competitor's 3G network "overloaded," but we see one big hangup: 5GB of data on a Verizon MiFi is going to run you $60 a month, twice as much as AT&T will be charging for its dedicated, unlimited iPad plan.
{Source: Engadget}

Apple has released the latest beta version of iPhone SDK 3.2, Beta 4 via the iPhone Dev Center, offering developers updated tools for building applications for the iPad. Apple continues to release the SDK updates every two weeks and like previous releases the update is released without any word of changes.

While most might have been watching the new Apple iPad commercial in aw over all of the features, AppleInsider noticed that Apple might have given us a glimpse into the iBook Store pricing:

Source: AppleInsider.com

ChangeWave has released new survey data showing the Apple could immediately take the top spot among e-reader devices over the next 90 days. Among people planning to purchase an e-reader, 40% say they will purchase and iPad over the Amazon Kindle, Barnes & Nobile Nook, and the Sony Reader.

Philips, the creator of the first iPod case has published a new web page showing off it's latest creations for the Apple iPad. Some of the new accessories include a new sleeve style revesible soft case, a leatherette case, portable speaker, and headphones.
For more information visit: Philips

Recently Slashat.se reportedly sent an email to Mr. Jobs asking one simple question. "Will the wifi-only version somehow support tethering through my iPhone?" Supposedly Steve Jobs actually replied from his iPhone with "No".

For those that aren't aware what tethering is, it's the ability to share your Internet/data connection from your phone to other devices. In a way, it turns your mobile phone into a portable Internet router.

While the iPhone was suppose to support tethering with the release of the iPhone 3GS version last summer, AT&T still doesn't offer this feature. However, if you have an Android Phone you'll be in luck and should be able to pull this stunt off! For more information on Android Phones and Tethering, visit: Droid Forum - Covering all Verizon Droid Phones & the Motorola Droid

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