Despite the fact that President Obama had a bit of an unexpected moan about “iPods and iPads and Xboxes and PlayStations†the other week in a speech at Hampton University, it would seem that the rest of the White House is much more enamoured of Apple’s latest object of desire, going by a story in The...

Cast your mind back to that very cool-looking iPad MAME arcade cabinet called the iPad iCade that was mocked up by ThinkGeek as an April Fool’s joke. How many of us secretly wished that it was real? I know I did. Well, maybe it will be one day, at least if the efforts of one Hideyoshi Moriya are anything to go...

Gawker posted a very troubling story yesterday afternoon detailing a serious security breach that revealed the email addresses of at least 114,000 early-adopter iPad 3G subscribers in the US, including the some incredibly eminent and high-profile people in politics and the military.

The breach was the work of a...

Tech-On! posted a very interesting feature about an app called “ServersMan HD†from FreeBit Co Ltd that is designed to make the iPad accessible from any computer that is connected to the Internet. Tech-On! says that the company has submitted the app to the Apple iPad App Store for approval, and once it has been...

Gizmodo reports today on a microscope peripheral designed to connect wirelessly to your iPad or iPhone, displaying video and images of objects within its radius, zoomed by up to 50x. The AirMicro A1 microscope has been primarily designed for the beauty and education industries, according to Gizmodo, and is expected...

Tecmo Koei’s legendary historical simulation Romance of the Three Kingdoms finally makes it to the iPad today, for a pricey-but-probably-worth-it £9.49/€12.99/$15.99. For fans of the series with an iPad, this is a must-buy.

RTK is set in 2nd-3rd Century Imperial China, where The Three Kingdoms of Wu, Wei and Shu...

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