Variety has a story today about the launch of Disney's Disney Movies iPad app. The app is exclusive to the iPad, and features trailers, movie synopses and film showtimes. You will even be able to use it to buy a cinema ticket, as well as DVDs, Blu-ray discs and downloadable content.

Variety reports that The...

Square Enix's popular iPhone and iPod touch game, Crystal Defenders, now has its own iPad version, which has been released to the Apple iTunes App Store today. Featuring jobs and locations from the popular Final Fantasy Tactics series, such as Black Mage, the defensive simulation game requires players...
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Check out this amazing video of New York...

Yet another one of those fun videos that shows someone doing something strange with their iPad. This time around its filmmaker Jesse Rosten, whose video PCWorld spotted on Vimeo. Apple has also noticed the video too, and it’s now on the official Apple website. Basically, the video shows Jesse fixing some strips of...
Apple no longer supporting iOS 2.x.
They are now longer allowing developers to publish app updates targeting the iOS 2.x.

Angry Birds HD update 1.3.4 from Chillingo is live now in the iTunes App Store, and it’s a big one! If you’re not already familiar with one of the most popular and addictive iPhone and now iPad games, Angry Birds features a load of birds who are, um, angry, because some dastardly green pigs have stolen their...

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