Chitika is a large advertising platform on the internet, so they see a wide arrange of browser combinations and eyeballs. They take a look at the number of unique iPads that get served a chitika ad, then extrapolate that based on the number of regular devices that see an ad and estimate a number of iPads sold. Suffice it to say, it's not 100% accurate but it is a good guess.

You can view the page at this URL: iPad Stats - Chitika Labs

Thanks to Sonny Burnett for posting about it and letting us know!

How popular is the iPad at airports already? Well, it's right behind the iPhone as far as devices that access the internet that aren't full "laptops". Pretty good for only being out for 5 days or so :) Here's the full quote from Boingo:

Source: Boingo Wireless: iPad Already Popular Device At Airports |

Ok, so living an hour a way from The biggest apple store in London, i thought i would take a trip to see if i could find out a bit more info, first hand.

I asked about 5 men and women in blue tops for about 10 minutes each trying to get at least a cheeky 'I know something' smile out of them, but, i got nothing.

I then saw a few men in black shirts, with ipo shaped name tags who seemed a bit more higher up in the stores employees, but them being very busy, they did not have time to even notice a customer trying to get some info. Not expecting to get any information at all, i thought i would try one more person and leave it. As i asked away for at least an idea on the uk pricing or release date, I began to bribe the man with money, obviously, I 99.99999% knew i wouldn't get anything out of him, he replied with, "It's not like we have a secret newsletter or anything, we have been told Late April, and have been kept in the dark as much as you".

I even asked them if there was any black out days this month, where the staff were not allowed holiday, but they strongly informed me they did not have any days like that ( as if I can believe that!) As genuine as they all seemed, I don't think my £20 would be a match to their iPad discount they would probably get if they kept it quiet..

I tried, had a bit of fun along the way, but failed!!, as frustrated as i am for wanting to know the UK info, mabye I've had more fun learning spec to spec about the iPad, and once i finally hold one, all the fun will be over, actually, I don't think that will happen :):D

:ipad-keyboard: How long must I wait for a simple release date and pricing!!

While the majority of pundits on the web seem to be predicting that the iPad will be released in the UK on Saturday April 24th, CNET UK’s Crave gadget blog is reporting that the release date could well be Monday, April 26th. According to Crave, CNET UK has received information that a particular publisher’s app team has been told to have their app ready for the 26th. Crave seems pretty certain about it too, even urging their readers to book that day off!

Apple, of course, declined to comment on either the release date or when they would actually be releasing the release date, which is really going overboard on the secrecy!

It’s getting so close to the end of April now that I’m starting to wonder if Apple won’t just release it suddenly as a surprise without telling anyone, kind of like they do with big apps in the app store sometimes. Put it on the UK shelves and websites and see if anyone notices!

By Maura Sutton,

The iPad is not an iPhone. People have to make a specific case to buy the iPad, where as 99.9% of us need an iPhone. For that reason the sales and uptake of the device won't be nearly as fast.. and it will take a bit of time to develop those "killer apps" that really drive sales of the device.

Some people out there though seem to be a bit impatient and expect the App sales numbers to be on par with the iPhone. It's a stretch, that device has been out for years and has a huge consumer base. The iPad however has only been available for a few days.

This article by the SFGate talks a bit about some disappoint app sales numbers on release and goes into some detail about it:

The Reason No One Is Bragging About iPad App Sales: The Numbers Are Too Small (AAPL)

I just love all these little stories that are emerging about the impact the iPad is having on different areas of life. Take this story from the AP, for example, which says that the iPad is “friendlier than a traditional laptop†as far as airport security is concerned. According to the report, the Transportation Security Administration said on Tuesday that generally speaking, passengers would not have to remove their iPad from their bag, mainly due to the fact that it’s reasonably small, and also because an iPad owner is less likely to be carrying laptop-type accessories such as plugs and external drives that get in the way of the screening image. That’s not to say that you won’t be asked to take your iPad out of your bag when travelling, but it’s just more likely that you won’t.

The AP report adds that the TSA is currently briefing airport security officers about how to treat the iPad when it comes to screening procedures, so it will be interesting hearing what sort of experiences iPad owners have when travelling through airports with the device.

By Maura Sutton,

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