MacRumors reports today that according to new figures from research company IDC, iPad is still the most popular tablet in the world by a massive margin, with the iPad outselling Samsung and Amazon combined in 2017.

Last year Apple sold 43.8 million iPads, as shown by its recently released quarterly results, and IDC estimates that Samsung and Amazon shipped 24.9 million and 16.7 million tablets respectively in the same time period, a total of...

According to The Wall Street Journal, via 9to5Mac, “people in the record business” are saying that Apple Music is gaining subscribers faster than Spotify in the US, so much so, in fact, that by the summer, Apple Music should have overtaken Spotify in the US.

According to the WSJ, Apple Music is adding new subscribers at a rate of 5% per month, whereas Spotify is adding subscribers at 2% per month. Should this situation stay the same for the next...

MacRumors reports that one week prior to the launch of the HomePod smart speaker in the US, United Kingdom, and Australia on Friday, February 9, the first pre-order shipping notifications have begun, with customers in the UK seeing their cards charged for their HomePod purchases this morning. Other MacRumors forum members have noted that their orders are now at the stage of “preparing for dispatch.”

More hands-on reviews have also been pouring...

According to Apple’s Q1 results, which were announced last night, the Apple Watch has just had its best ever quarter, with the Series 3 selling twice as many units as the previous year’s Series 2 models. This led to Apple Watch seeing a 50% growth in units and revenue for the fourth quarter in a row.

When this figure is combined with AirPods and Beats sales for the quarter, Apple’s total revenue from wearables rose by almost 70% from the...

Last night Apple announced its Q1 2018 results, posting revenue of $88.3 billion and profits of $20.1 billion, writes 9to5 Mac. This was even more than the record revenue of between $84 billion and $87 billion that Apple had forecast. The last quarter figures included iPhone 8 sales, whereas yesterday’s results are the first to include iPhone X sales.

As far as actual sales figures are concerned, Apple reported 77.3 million iPhones, 13.2...

9to5 Mac reports that Apple has today revealed exactly what audio sources you can play on HomePod. Here’s the official list from the HomePod tech specs page:
  • Apple Music
  • iTunes Music Purchases
  • iCloud Music Library with an Apple Music or iTunes Match subscription
  • Beats 1 Live Radio
  • Podcasts
  • AirPlay other content to HomePod from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV, and Mac
There are many different ways in which you...

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