MacRumors reports that EA has today announced that a new Sims game is coming soon to iOS, six years after The Sims Freeplay appeared on the platform.

The free-to-play game is called The Sims Mobile, and is based around The Sims 4 legacy challenge mode, where you get to build and raise a family over the generations.

The game represents a big departure from EA’s overall approach to the last Sims mobile game, which was basically just the original desktop game very much squeezed onto the mobile platform. However, the basic principles of the gameplay will be very Sim-like, as you must guide your sims through life, helping them to build relationships, improve their homes, work their way up the career ladder, and achieve goals.

EA is giving very little else away about the game, other than that there will be social elements whereby players can become “virtual” best friends with their real-life friends. Check out the trailer in the post below this to get a good idea of what the game is all about.

Source: EA Announces 'The Sims Mobile' Coming Soon to iOS

9to5 Mac reports that case manufacturer Urban Armor Gear may have leaked details about a possible June release for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. 9to5 Mac has seen a stock system at an Apple Authorized Reseller that lists a UAG Metropolis Folio Case for a 10.5-inch iPad that will be available from June 2017 in three colours: Black/Silver, Cobalt/Silver, and Magma/Silver. You can already get the same model case from UAG for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro.

As more news leaks about a possible new iPad Pro every day, it’s looking more and more likely that we can expect an announcement imminently. As far back as last August, KGI Securities was saying that a new iPad Pro was on the way.

As to when Apple might announce the new tablet, it’s possible that with no special events scheduled before June, that Apple will actually do the big reveal as part of the WWDC keynote on June 5.

Source: Urban Armor Gear prepping case for 10.5-inch iPad Pro, with June availability

AppleInsider reports that T-Mobile has notified customers that it has decided to discontinue its Free Data for Life tier for new 4G iPad activations. Don’t worry if you are currently on the plan, though, as you will still continue to get your free allowance, although this is attached to each specific device, so if you upgrade to a new iPad you won’t get the free data.

T-Mobile’s One unlimited tier lets you add a tablet for $20 per month in addition to the $75 per month iPhone contract.

AppleInsider speculates that T-Mobile discontinuing its Free Data for Life promotion could be another hint that Apple is about to announce a refresh of the iPad Pro line with an upgraded 12.9-inch model and a brand new 10.5-inch model. Another sign of an imminent announcement is the fact that it is harder and harder to find stock of the current 12.9-inch iPad Pro model. New orders are not now expected to ship until May 22 to May 39, which could possibly be the on-sale date of the new iPads.

Source: T-Mobile cuts off free 200MB data plans for new 4G iPad buyers

MacRumors reports that Apple has launched a new iPad Smart Keyboard repair scheme. According to an internal memo that was sent out to Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers last week, Apple has decreed that Smart Keyboards that have certain “functional issues” such as a defective Smart Connector or sticking or unresponsive keys can be serviced free of charge by Apple within 3 years of the original purchase date.

If your Smart Keyboard is affected by any such issues then call your local Apple Store and make a Genius Bar appointment or take the keyboard to an Apple Authorized Service Provider and book it in for a repair. You can also phone or contact Apple support online.

As MacRumors notes, with this being a newly launched policy, it’s possible that not all Apple support employees are aware of it yet, so if you have any trouble getting your free repair then be sure to get in touch with AppleCare management.

Source: Apple Offering Free Smart Keyboard Repairs Under New 3-Year Policy

Pocket Gamer reports that Nexon has announced that it is currently working on a real-time strategy game for iOS and Android called Titanfall: Assault. This will be the first mobile game set in the Titanfall universe, after the ill-fated Titanfall: Frontline CC strategy game, also from Nexon, which was announced last September before being cancelled shortly after.

Hopefully, Nexon’s Titanfall: Assault will fare better than Frontline. A real-time PvP mobile strategy game, Titanfall: Assault’s gameplay involves assembling the ultimate deck of Pilots and Titans paired into heroic duos. Players can collect and upgrade dozens of cards, such as tactical Burn Cards, which support your team on the battlefield as you attempt to lead your forces to victory in The Frontier.

Here are some of the game’s key features:
There’s no word about a release date as yet, but you can pre-register on the official website to find out more about the game as and when more details are released.

Sources: Respawn announces the real-time strategy game Titanfall: Assault, coming to iOS and Android

Titanfall Assault

Niantic is celebrating the arrival of spring this weekend with a special “Worldwide Bloom” event. Lasting until Monday, May 8, the event should see Grass-type Pokémon appearing more frequently in the wild, until they return to their usual habitats after the weekend. For the duration of the event, Lures will last for 6 hours.

As Forbes’ Paul Tassi notes in his piece on the event, this actually appears to be a new approach from Niantic, a “micro-event” that is very different from all the previous special events that Niantic has hosted for Pokémon Go.

There are several ways in which the Worldwide Bloom event differs from all previous Pokémon Go events: it’s shorter, with no XP, candy, or stardust bonuses to earn; there are no sale items available; there are no new Pokémon or gameplay elements; and it is not tied in to any real-world holiday, such as Christmas or Halloween. Tassi thinks this new approach could be Niantic testing the waters as to whether or not smaller, more frequent events will get Trainers more involved in the game.

Tassi also thinks that Niantic could have a much more significant update planned for June, such as the first Legendary spawns, or a new gym system, in a bid to recapture those magical summer days of Pokémon Go for the second year running.

Source: Worldwide bloom this weekend! - Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO's Worldwide Bloom Is Its First True Micro-Event, And A Sign Of Things To Come

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