Steve Jobs held a town hall style meeting with Apple employees following the huge event last week and Wired was there to bring us details of whats going on behind closed doors. As you can imagine, Adobe and Google were a major part of the discussions.

In response to Google:

As the "no flash" saga continues, Lee Brimelow of TheFlashBlog gives us a preview of the web without flash on the iPad. The photos above highlight some very popular websites that require flash. Apple has stood it's ground not allowing flash into the iPhone or iPod Touch and it appears they will take the same approach with the iPad forcing web designers to HTML 5. However, this brings up a question that many are...

Apple's iPad presently may not have the hardware for video conferencing but new details are now suggesting that it's in the future. Dig into the newly released iPad 3.2 SDK (Software Development Kit) and the proof is there. Engadet confirms this in a new article by saying:

Apple has officially updated their iPad promotional video on with a new version, that does in fact show that Flash is NOT supported.


Apple's new tablet will not be directed just to consumers or the educational crowd. Apple will target the business community and enterprise market as well. reports a few features features unannounced during the unveiling.


Walt Mossberg was one of the lucky ones and got some face to face time with Steve Jobs for a quick interview.

  • When asked why people would buy an iPad iBooks book for $14.99 rather than an Amazon Kindle book for $9.99, Jobs said the books would be the same price, and further said publishers withhold books from Amazon because they’re not happy about the price. (Could be referring to Apple’s...

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