We are still 50+ days out before the release of the iPad and it seems every day developers are showing the power potential of the iPad. The latest is from a company call Citrix that specializes in virtualization software, remote support and more. They are working on software that will enable remote desktop to your Windows 7 machine via the iPad. It turns out the 9.7 inch display on the iPad with a 1024×768 screen resolution works great for a full VDI XenDesktop. Windows applications run unmodified and securely in the data centre, and even multiple applications at once.

MacinBusiness reports:
In a round about way, this solves the multi-tasking and flash issues that have been the big chatter over the last week! :)

{Source: MacinBussiness.com}

News out from Macrumors reports the iPad Frame appears to have a spot for a camera. The information leaked from Mission Repair, a repair company that specializes in Apple products.

I would also like to point out the iPod Touch still is lacking a built in camera, even though many speculated it would with the last update. I still don't understand the logic behind the iPad nano receiving this feature but yet the more expensive products have not. Thoughts?

{Source: Macrumors}

News out from Business Insider reports Clayton Morris of FOXNews.com was tipped from a source that Apple and Verizon are still in talks to land the iPad on Verizon's wireless network.
{Source: BusinessInsider}

Since Apple announced the pricing for the iPad, I've been wondering what the actual part cost per unit is. Well, according to BroadPoint AmTech analyst Brian Marshall, the low-end $499 version of the new tablet costs about $270 in materials and manufacturing.

{Source: HardwareCentral.com}

News out from DigiTimes reports that Acer has no plans to compete with Apple's iPad. Word came from Scott Lin, president of the Taiwanese division of netbook. During the interview he said "Lin pointed out that designing an iPad-like device would not pose any technical challenges for Acer, but said such a product does not fit into Acer's business model.

Apple is able to support the iPad through its iTunes ecosystem, while few other makers, including Acer, have comparable experience in operating an online store, Lin noted."

{Source: Digitimes}

iLuv may have a solution that will make iPad fans cheer everywhere! While visiting their site looking at future case options I noticed something else listed while doing a search for all Apple iPad items. Two clip-on web cams! iLuv is showing two models the ICM20, a 3MP webcam and the ICM10, a 1.3MP webcam. Some of the features include:

·Universal Laptop clip for easy mount on a laptop·Stand lets you place the webcam on top of a computer monitor or on a desk
·Ideal for video chatting, recording or taking a snap-shot
·VoIP call / chat with high quality built-in microphone via Skype, Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.
·Supports USB 2.0
·Sliding lens cover to insure privacy and spy prevention
·Automatic white balance for clear exposure
·A selection of special visual effects for fun and creative video chats
·Automatic face tracking for more free movement by the user
·Plug and play for self installation

Don't get too excited,
the product doesn't actually indicate it will be compatible with the iPad. It could just be a mistake and tagged under the wrong category. While having an integrated web cam would be the best, this might at least give you an option!

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