According to this great feature on Bloomberg.com, artist and legend David Hockney is a huge fan of the iPad, and has already started using it to make art. “I have got an iPad, what a joy! Van Gogh would have loved it, and he could have written his letters on it as well,†Hockney texted the author of the feature, Bloomberg’s chief art critic, Martin Gayford. In the article Hockney reveals that he was already a...

The New York Times is reporting today that Apple has snapped up Intrinsity, the small Austin, Texas, company that makes chips for mobile devices in partnership with Samsung. It is thought that Intrinsity’s Hummingbird chip is one of the most important parts of the iPad’s A4 chip, which Steve Jobs called “the most advanced chip†that Apple had ever used in a product. According to Apple, the A4 chip is what...

PopCap Games has today announced the launch of its “Show Your Bejeweled Love†contest as part of the game’s 10th anniversary celebrations. The contest, which starts today and ends on May 26th, is open to residents of the US, Canada (except Quebec), and the UK.

Participants must submit a YouTube video which illustrates their devotion to Bejeweled in two minutes or less. Submissions can be as weird and...

BitDefender security analyst Sabina Datcu has written a blog post for Malware City detailing a new email scam targeting iPad-owning PC users. The scam takes the form of an unsolicited email that invites iPad owners to download the “latest†iTunes software update to their PCs in order to update their iPad software. A direct link is provided in the email to what it claims to be the latest version of iTunes....

The Santa Cruz Sentinel website is reporting that the Monte Vista Christian School in Watsonville has replaced its history textbooks with 60 16GB iPads in the classroom, as part of a pilot scheme among advanced placement students. If the scheme proves successful, Headmaster Stephen Sharp plans on replacing heavy textbooks with cheaper, interactive e-textbooks, which are a third cheaper. Sharp tells the Sentinel...

MacNN.com is reporting today that online advertiser Chitika is claiming that over 1 million iPads have already been sold. Chitika is basing this assessment on their tracking figures of iPads seen coming through their advertising network, which include the number of unique devices to make contact. Chitika says that California, which they call the “iPadest state in Americaâ€, has the highest iPad...

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