The Apple iPad has received and overwhelming response in Norway. Two resellers, Apple House and Humac have closed the ability to pre-order the iPad due to such a high early demand. According to a report from Apple House the top of the line iPad 64GB 3G version is the most sought after model with pre-sales in the thousands.
"It's been a crazy interest and demand for Apple's latest creation, iPad. Price and delivery for Europe will be ready in a short time, but in the meantime, we have chosen not to receive more pre-orders for now. Are you already on the list, keeping you naturally place in the queue, and we will contact you as soon as we know anything more."
{Source:, Apple House, via Google Translation}
We've already had a few discussions on this site about your feelings on the iPad before the announcement vs after the announce (ie. These discussions have all been anecdotal. However, the Retrevo blog has finally broken down this type of stuff statistically with a before and after study and the results are pretty striking.

Of the survey participants, only 26% were not interested in the iPad prior to the reveal and press conference. However, afterwards 52% were not interested. This is a huge up-tick of people who after hearing the real low-down on the product are no longer interested.

Is this simply a case of the reality never being able to live up to the hype? What are your thoughts?

You can click through this link and read a bit more about some other interesting statistics from the survey as well: Apple iPad Hoopla Fails to Convince Buyers | Retrevo

News out from the Wall Street Journal suggest Apple will stay nimble on pricing the iPad. If the new tablet fails to gain traction among consumers, Apple could possibly drop from the initial price structure.
"Shope also wrote that despite the seemingly aggressive pricing of the iPad — the lower-than-expected price points range from $499 to $829 — Apple seemed to indicate it would respond with price cuts if demand for the device wasn’t revving up the way it liked. “While it remains to be seen how much traction the iPad gets initially, management noted that it will remain nimble (pricing could change if the company is not attracting as many customers as anticipated),â€
I don't think it's a good time to start talking about cutting the price before the product even hits stores. This could cause an ill effect and have many consumers wait hoping for a better price down the road.


Austria iPad fans will soon be able to take advantage of special iPad pricing by signing up for a 2 year contract with Hutchison. They will be the the first Austrian carrier to bundle the iPad and offer customers a 333euro rebate if they agree to a 2 year contract offering 5GB of data for 29.90euro. Apple has not release pricing outside the US, so the price after discount is still unknown.

Also according to the announcement, the first iPads sold in Austria won’t have 3G radios, and will be bundled with a Huawei modem called i-Mo. This device is a “wireless wifi router†creating a personal WiFi spot for the iPad.

Could we see Verizon Wireless offer the same bundle with the MiFi? Let us know your thoughts.

Looking for an arts and craft project to do with the kids or just can't wait the 50+ days remaining for the real deal? Check out this template from Jess Silverstone at Revolutionary Concepts to make a cut-out paper iPad. The templates can be down here:


To get the actual size, a printer that can do borderless printing and handle 8.5" x 14" will be required, but any color printer should work otherwise.

Check out the finished project after the jump:
Wired has an excellent article for Apple's (and mainly AT&T's) reasoning for switching SIM card sizes in the Apple iPad. The reason? Money, plain and simple.

The iPhone uses a full sized SIM card and is much smaller then the iPad. So size constraints aren't the reason.

It's quite easy to see that by not allowing you an easy way to switch your SIM card between devices, AT&T can charge you for both the iPhone as well as your iPad and thus increase revenue.

Don't be too upset however as you can modify your existing SIM to fit into the iPad by cutting it down to size, however you will need to buy a converter to then re-upsize it to fit into your iPhone. So all of this wrangling just once again makes it harder on the customer.

More info at the Wired article here: Apple iPad’s Tiny SIM Is Just There to Mess With You | Epicenter |

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