Ok, so living an hour a way from The biggest apple store in London, i thought i would take a trip to see if i could find out a bit more info, first hand.

I asked about 5 men and women in blue tops for about 10 minutes each trying to get at least a cheeky 'I know something' smile out of them, but, i got nothing.

I then saw a few men in black shirts, with ipo shaped name tags who seemed a bit more higher up in...

While the majority of pundits on the web seem to be predicting that the iPad will be released in the UK on Saturday April 24th, CNET UK’s Crave gadget blog is reporting that the release date could well be Monday, April 26th. According to Crave, CNET UK has received information that a particular publisher’s app team has been told to have their app ready for the 26th. Crave seems pretty certain about it too,...

The iPad is not an iPhone. People have to make a specific case to buy the iPad, where as 99.9% of us need an iPhone. For that reason the sales and uptake of the device won't be nearly as fast.. and it will take a bit of time to develop those "killer apps" that really drive sales of the device.

Some people out there though seem to be a bit impatient and expect the App sales numbers to be on par with the iPhone....

I just love all these little stories that are emerging about the impact the iPad is having on different areas of life. Take this story from the AP, for example, which says that the iPad is “friendlier than a traditional laptop†as far as airport security is concerned. According to the report, the Transportation Security Administration said on Tuesday that generally speaking, passengers would not have to remove their iPad...
[ame=]YouTube - A 2.5 Year-Old Has A First Encounter with An iPad[/ame]

The iPad has already been a success by any normal standard as far as technology devices and numbers sold, but Apple isn't happy with just a normal standard. They set the bar high, and they have a way of changing our culture and what we expect in a device.

What will the future be like for our children down the road? Who can say, but what we can say is that right now our children...

For those of us who dabble in the stock market there is a burning question: Apple stock is up huge this year, is it too late to cash in?

My personal opinion is no, it's not yet too late even with the meteoric rise of AAPL stock.

I'm not the only one either, Jim Cramer as well as a number of other notable investors seem to think there is still plenty of room for the stock to go up as well. The following link is...

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